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Tourbook is a new revolutionary event management platform designed to help you plan, manage and execute events while supplying collaboration and transparency. When using Tourbook you will find everyone is an event planner. Doesn’t matter what you do or where you are located, if you are working on an event with others we give you the platform to stay in sync, with one solution. Tourbook securely exposes data, documents, tasks, and other managed objects controlled by you so you can share with confidence with other stakeholders using our collaboratively designed dynamic platform. We welcome you to try our product coming soon 2023! We know you will be amazed at what Tourbook can do!


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Not Complex! Easy!

Start using the app on day 1!

When we started creating Tourbook we noticed that most event management platforms were hard to navigate. You didn’t know where to start using the software. Our user interface was created to help event planners take advantage of the SAAS service from day one. Our approach was simple, using common components that people use every day to navigate our software terrain. There is nothing like it on the market. Please try it, coming soon!


Sharing is caring!

When planning an event there is always someone else involved so we integrated collaboration within our solution to help you communicate, meet and share data and content easily within the application. Whether its documents, content or data, you can share information with confidence using Tourbook. Our solution promotes working smarter together, in one solution.


No reason to hide!

As we see in other event platforms, measurements, fees, and other information is hidden under the covers. There is no accountability to what your stakeholders are planning which may affect your bottom line in the long run. To get on a level playing field Tourbook was built to expose information to help stakeholders be in the know. All can expose what data they want to who they want using Tourbook.


Green Events are the Future!

In the future, sustainability will be a common word used when planning events. We built Tourbook to track sustainability measurements to help guide our planners in measuring costs and also sustainable areas within the event. Within the solution, we give recommendations and access to Tourbook apps to help you make your event as green as possible.

Use the players
you want!

Using Tourbook you will see a difference in planning and managing your events right from the start. Find the players you want for your event by searching our Vendor Marketplace and ask for a quote, once you agree approve the vendor which then automatically updates your budget!
We make things easy for the event planner! We have been there and done that!


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